Super Smiles - Oral Health Improvement Programme

Super Smiles is an Oral Health Improvement programme designed to educate and improve the oral health
of children. In Jersey, we have no NHS, no oral health promotion or dental prevention plan. Children have access to free dental care from birth to 11 years of age but there is currently a 63-week wait time for a new patient appointment. Sarah Pollard, a dentist, and Caroline Wetherall, a hygienist, founded the Super Smiles project five years ago to promote the benefits of daily brushing daily.

‘Our aim is to create sustainable care, with the message being taken back home to help encourage continued good oral health. Sadly, we regularly come across children who do not have a toothbrush at home and several nursery children have never brushed their teeth at all. We promote a holistic approach to healthy living by teaching children an important skill – "Brushing For Life"'. 

The Bosdet Foundation has funded a fulltime Oral Health Educator, Bernadette Hilditch, whose job includes: teaching children how to brush correctly, help children and their parents or carers understand the
importance of good oral hygiene and to help identify food and drinks that can harm teeth.
Recently Super Smiles’ work was recognized at the British Oral Health Awards. The charity took the top
spot and won the "Best Community Initiative" category.

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