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'Helping People in Need in Jersey'


What we do

We help people in need only in Jersey – this can be charities and community groups or even individuals in certain cases. It is deliberately wide-ranging and the Bosdet Charity Subgroup does review its focus on a regular basis, dependent on issues and need in our community. In recent years the focus has been on disadvantaged children and families.

To provide facilities

  1. This could be to support a community, youth centre, nursery, or hostel.
  2. To provide equipment or any other physical aspect that enables that group to benefit Islanders, especially when they cannot otherwise afford to do so – e.g. woman’s hostel equipment.
  3. The staffing of such facilities – as with Woman’s Refuge, Brighter Futures, Family Nursing and Home Care, Jersey Child Care Trust.

To provide relief

  1. For smaller cases we give direct assistance to individuals in dire need, even offering the basics such as food.
  2. Work with schools to support talented but disadvantaged young people to have access to music lessons and off-island trips including visits to universities. 
  3. Support over the years has been to Sea Cadets, Scout groups, and other youth and sporting groups with equipment and in some cases support for disadvantaged young people to be able to go on organised off-island trips.
  4. Camp Bosdet was set up in 2020 in direct response to help disadvantaged children impacted by lockdown and restrictions. 

To work with other organisations

  1. By working with others and supporting the sector to become more efficient and effective, we know overall we will help more people in our community and ultimately strengthen it. 
  2. Bosdet set up, funds and operates volunteer.je. Volunteering not only helps keep charity costs down but more importantly energises our community to help each other.
  3. We seek to influence Government and the community to support charitable work to help make our community even stronger.

Use of Les Ormes site

Whenever possible excess capacity at Les Ormes is used to support our charitable work.

  1. Les Ormes is used as the base for Camp Bosdet which provides holiday camps for disadvantaged children.
  2. Autistic children’s swimming takes place on Fridays in our pool, with our swim teachers.
  3. Special needs children from Mont à l'Abbé  and other schools use Jump Jersey on a regular basis.
  4. Through Jersey Sport, young adults with special needs use Les Ormes facilities on a weekly basis. 

 What we exclude

  1. We only help people in Jersey.
  2. We do not support animal charities.
  3. We do not support any religious groups or otherwise where the group, and hence benefit, is closed to others.
  4. We do not support any political cause.

How we fund our work

We do not fundraise and have never received any donations.

We were fortunate to be gifted Les Ormes Farm and campsite and several residential houses from our beneficiaries, the late George and Madge Bisson.

We are directed to manage our gifted property portfolio for the very long-term benefit of our charity.

By developing, buying and selling, and generally seeking the best investment out of our properties, especially the Les Ormes site, Bosdet has increased its capital value securing its long-term future.

This development has seen distributions rise from very small sums of circa £15,000 to an annual budget of £400,000. 

The greatest increase in our charitable income came from the development of self-catering at Les Ormes. In 2008 this generated less than £400,000 and by 2018 had risen to £2.6m of turnover.

Other aspects of the Les Ormes site generate turnover but not the profit of self-catering.

Our Giving future plans

Going forward, our ambition is to fund our charity subgroup with £1m per year by 2030. Despite the impact of Covid-19 IN 2020 this should be possible as our debts clear and further investments increase our efficiency and effectiveness.

As the business has matured and become more robust, and the tourism economy we operate in stronger, along with our own experienced team being very focused, we will take a longer view with debt so releasing more funds to distribute sooner.

What we will never do is risk the long-term giving of Bosdet with short-term actions. Bosdet will be giving significant sums to our community in 100 years from now.  

Our Charity spending plan

The Bosdet Charity Subgroup will be meeting later in the year to plan its focus for the next three years and to look at the gradual increase in distributions and charitable spend.

We are always keen to work with other bodies, including Government, in making a more significant difference to our community.