Youthful Minds, Mind Jersey - Supporting Young People Through Mental Illness

Mental health in Jersey is now near the top of the political agenda, but Mind Jersey has been aware of this taboo subject and the issues that young people deal with for quite some time. 

Mind Jersey engaged with young people to find out what might be the root cause of the increase in adolescents reporting on mental illnesses and developed a strategy to help reduce the impact:

1. To increase the number of people who are trained in Youth Mental Health First Aid, especially those working with young people.

2. Increased support for children suffering from mental health issues and to those living with parents with mental illnesses.

3. An increase in mental health and resilience in young people accessing the service.

4. Improved access to mental health services by children and parents.

We are funding this service with £116,250.00 over the next three years and at the end of this period we should see a shift in the level of support offered by Health and Social Services. This follows on from the support we gave the Youth Enquiry Service which has had such a huge impact in signposting young people to the relevant services.

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