Jersey Child Care Trust (JCCT) - Giving children the best start in life

With funding of £75,000 from The Bosdet Foundation over three years, the Jersey Child Care Trust will be expanding its programme that helps children to access all the learning opportunities available to them. The Jersey Child Care Trust (JCCT) enables young children to access high quality childcare in Jersey through various programmes including Best Start Plus Nursery Funding, the Nanny Accreditation Scheme and the Special Needs Inclusion Programme (SNIP).

Best Start Plus Nursery Funding supports children who are not meeting their age expected milestones by giving them access to nursery for up to 12 hours a week. All these children come from families on lower incomes who, without support, could not financially be able to afford nursery.

The JCCT are currently funding nursery places for 10 children who also require additional specialist support through their Special Needs Inclusion Programme. The Bosdet Foundation will be funding a three-year programme to enable the JCCT to support 2-3 year olds in the most need by providing nursery or preschool places, plus an additional JCCT specialist support worker.

Without the support from the Jersey Child Care Trust many children would simply not be able to go to nursery or pre-school in Jersey. Alice Bennion of Jersey Child Care Trust stated; ‘The programme has a direct impact on three crucial areas of a child's development; communication, socialisation and independence. It also has a huge impact on the families of the children we support.’

Fiona Vacher of Jersey Child Care Trust added, ‘In addition to the enormous benefits to the individual child and their family, the programme has a much wider social impact on the community. It increases opportunities to develop an understanding of empathy and acceptance for all concerned in a very organic way.’ As well as funding an additional specialist key worker and nursery/preschool placements, The Bosdet Foundation’s assistance will also go towards the ongoing evaluation and monitoring costs required to ensure the programme is targeting those most in need and making the biggest difference.

Alan Le Pavoux, charity manager of The Bosdet Foundation, commented ‘There are immense benefits to both the individual and society of the investment made in the early years of life. As Bosdet wishes to create long term improvements in our community, targeting our funding in this area will eventually lead to improved educational levels, better integration and engagement in society, a reduction in crime, an increase in resilience and reduction in mental health issues.’ 

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