Special Needs Inclusion Project - Jersey Child Care Trust

Putting families first is at the heart of what Jersey Child Care Trust do. They help families access the nurture, care and learning they need for children with special needs to reach their full potential. Through their Special Needs Inclusion Project, JCCT provides information and services to families, policymakers, childcare providers and other professionals with integration and inclusion of children into mainstream provision. In 2016, JCCT supported 37 children with special educational needs and disabilities in 18 mainstream nurseries providing over 7,000 hours of support. Without this support, these children would not be able to go to nursery as there is no States support available until they begin school.

The cost of accessing early years provision is challenging for some families but it is vital that they get the right support, to reduce any kind of stigma for the future for everyone involved. Research also shows that children who receive the highest level of care and nurture at this critical time will have the greatest opportunity to thrive and develop to their fullest potential. 

Bosdet is supporting the Special Needs Inclusion Project by funding salaries for 3 years for special need keyworkers. The Bosdet Foundation is committed to supporting all children where we can see a need and we are able to measure the impact. Ultimately this project will lead to an increase in tolerance and understanding of all people with special needs in our community and the opportunity to lead full. 

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