Every Child Our Future - Educational Charity

Reading and writing are essential parts of growing up, but some children find it hard to grasp these fundamental skills and they can quickly find themselves falling behind. Every Child Our Future (ECOF) is an educational charity, focusing on literacy in primary school children. Their aim is to help children in Years 1-3 (aged 5 to 7) who are struggling with their reading to catch up with their peers and reach their full potential, regardless of background.
They support primary school children in 13 non-fee paying schools in the Island, with the aim of helping children in all 22 states primary schools in the not too distant future. Having extra support at this young age can make a life-changing difference to the educational chances of some of
these children. Research shows that if these children can catch up with their peers by the age of 7, the gap stays closed.
ECOF has trained 480 volunteers to go into schools who currently read with 750 children. They also give specialist training to Teaching Assistants on the Boosting Reading@Primary scheme. Children taught
by these TAs increase their reading levels at 3 times the expected rate of progress. In addition, they fund the Reading Recovery Programme providing specialist teachers for children who are very far behind their peers.
The Bosdet Foundation provide administration to arrange all the volunteer work offered by the ECOF. If you feel that you can help a child with your time why not volunteer, go to www.volunteer.je
and register online or call 01534 497035 and talk to Alan. 
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