Brighter Futures - Supporting families in times of difficulties and challenges

Brighter Futures supports families living in Jersey to engage in life changing opportunities, especially in times of difficulties and challenges.

Brighter Futures has been working with families since 2008 and their aim continues to be to provide children, young people and families in the island with the opportunity to be safe, healthy, happy and aspirational. Through a comprehensive set of programmes and dedicated key worker support, parents can develop skills and strategies that will help them to transform their lives and make better choices for themselves and their families.

‘Brighter Futures work with an average of 150 families at any one time and parents and carers come to us for a variety of reasons and from across the social system,’ said Judith Hanson of Brighter Futures. ‘All have different backgrounds, experiences, family and financial situations and many experience poverty, isolation, physical illness and low self-esteem.

‘With positive early years’ experiences children are more likely to go on to have more fulfilling lives, better relationships, improved educational opportunities and job prospects and in turn become more resilient adults and productive members of society’, continued Judith. ‘We support parents to understand and appreciate the importance of developing strong bonds and secure attachments with their children, raise awareness of their important role in their child’s development and the importance of looking after themselves so that they are better able to look after their children.

‘Growing up in a safe and supportive environment will enable children to form positive relationships, develop self-esteem, well-being and be more resilient adults in the future enabling them to succeed. It is simpler to build strong children than repair broken adults.’ Brighter Futures would like to thank The Bosdet foundation for their continued support by providing funding for six families. This funding will provide tailored support for the families over three years, with access to one-to-one keyworker support as well as full access to the range of groups and programmes designed to improve family relationships, client well-being and learning and personal development opportunities.

Alan Le Pavoux, charity manager of The Bosdet Foundation, said, ‘We are funding this programme with £75,000 over three years, supporting six families at a time. We have been supporting Brighter Futures for the last three years and we decided to continue supporting them so that the work that they are doing can continue to have the impact it does. We have seen families move from quite difficult situations, where families were finding it difficult to manage, to caring engaged parents with families integrated into the community.’

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