Application process

***DUE TO THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC we will not be accepting grant appications until further notice ****


We can only accept applications form Charities that are registered with or in the process of submitting an application with the Charities Commissioner or from non profit organisations that are meeting a need in our society, this could include schools, youth and community groups. 

The application form is available here

Forms can be submitted via email and further information can be obtained by contacting Alan Le Pavoux, Bosdet Charity Manager on 483405 or Mike Graham, General Manager, at on 497002.

Please note, a one year outline as to how the funds will be used will be required to be included with each application. 

We will meet and discuss the application with the applying NPO before the end of March. Please do contact us as early in the process as possible.

An electronic copy (or link to website) of the annual accounts, recent bank statements, staff structure, and constitution is required and other relevent information.

Successful applications will receive notification by the end of April 2020 with funds being distributed thereafter.

Emergency Support will be reviewed as applications are made and funds distributed as required. Please contact Alan Le Pavoux, Charity Manager, on 01534 483405 or at or Mike Graham, General Manager, Bosdet direct on 01534 497002 or at 


The Bosdet Foundation is a grant-making Foundation, the income of which is derived from the business activities at Les Ormes.

The Foundation’s mission is to support Non Profit organisations which help people, especially those who are disadvantaged or disabled, to play a fuller role in our comunity on Jersey.


The Trustees review changing social needs from time to time, and identify specific areas they wish to focus on within their overall objectives. Current priorities are: Creating Positive Opportunities for children from ante natal to 18 years of age.

The Fondation wishes to see long term changes in our community with the projects that will help to eradicate some of the needs that are currently effecting individuals and groups. We are therefore looking for projects that will at the end of a significant period of funding be able to demonstrate a sustainable change.

Family Support - including the development of relationship skills for young people, and encouraging good relationships between generations, through volunteering oportunities.

improving health and wellbeing in children and young people, with Super Smiles and Mind Jersey

Challenging Disadvantage and Discrimination - Promoting understanding and encouraging solutions which address disadvantage, discrimination or stigma in children and young people with the Jersey Child Care Trust and Mind Jersey.

The Foundation supports a wide range of activity addressing social and community need e.g. victim support and rehabilitation with Jersey Action Against Rape; and to enhance learning opportunities for all children e.g. literacy with Every Child our Futute.


The scope of the work needing support within the community is such that guidelines for grant-giving are necessary. The main areas of concern normally considered to be outside the Foundation's guidelines are:

  • Unregistered Chairities.
  • Activities which are primarily the responsibility of the Insular authorities in the Island or some other responsible body.
  • Animal welfare
  • Corporate subscription or membership of a charity
  • Endowment Funds
  • Environment - conserving and protecting plants and animals, geography and scenery
  • Expeditions or overseas travel, unless it is to support an inidvidual child/ren who would not be able to access an oportunity with thier peers due to financial constraints.
  • Fabric appeals for places of worship
  • Fund-raising events or activities
  • Hospitals and Medical Centres (except for projects which are clearly additional to statutory responsibilities)
  • Individuals, including students
  • Loans or business finance
  • Promotion of Religion
  • Schools and colleges (except for projects that will benefit disabled or disadvantaged students and are clearly additional to statutory responsibilities)
  • Sponsorship or marketing appeals



The Grant Programme is open to any organisation which is registered as a Charity or in the process of registering with the Charity Commissioner for Jersey, we will also accept applications from schools . The Foundation encourages and welcomes applications from all sections of the community supporting children and young peole. All applications that fall within the Foundation's guidelines and objectives will be given equal consideration on grounds of merit. 


The Trustees are keen to support organisations which contribute to local community life at the grass-roots level. The Trustees are also keen to encourage the infrastructure of the voluntary sector and encourage applications for operational costs. This includes salary costs, which may be funded over two or three years, and training and education for managers and staff. Please see our Charity Funding Strategy for more information. 


You can access the application form and other information on how to apply on the Foundation website.


Applications can be submitted at the time as stated on our website. All applications are assessed on an annual basis and the Board of Trustees meets several times to approve grants. Decision-making can therefore take up to four months. Deadline dates may vary from year to year but are generally Late January to mid-February. All applicants are informed of the outcome of their application. Applicants are advised to leave one year between applications (one year from the date of our grant offer letter).


It is important to read these notes prior to completing your application form. The notes will take you through each section giving examples and prompts for the type of information required for the Grant Application Form Section by Section.


Enter the name of your charity in full. Any abbreviated formats should be placed in brackets after the full name for example, “The Bosdet Foundation (BF)”.


Please choose just one of the classification which best reflects the main focus of the work your charity does. We can only accept one classification per NPO.


You must list three outcomes which your work creates for the people your charity supports.

For example, moving people into education, training or employment; reducing substance misuse/addictive behaviour; improved physical or mental health.


Please include the vision, mission, and aims and objectives of your organisation.


Please include the day-to-day activities in your organisation, detailing the services and support you provide to give us a feel for your organisation’s work. Please include who and how the people you support benefit from this activity.


To give us an idea of the size of your organisation, please indicate in the boxes provided the number of trustees, how regularly they meet, number of full time staff, part time staff, and active volunteers involved. Please tell us the structure of your Board / Committee and Senior Staff including names and functions. Please indicate in the boxes which of the policies and procedures you have in place, and list any quality marks and standards held by the charity, or if you are working towards achieving them.


Please complete the boxes showing your income and expenditure, free reserves and restricted reserves for last year, current year, and next year. Please include details of any States and Parish funding. Please include any key information in regards to your future application including significant contracts up for renewal, major grant completing, and new tenders


Please describe the service, support and activities, the type of people it will support and how this funding will support them.


Please tell us how you identified the need. Have you carried out research? Consultation with the people you support, other key stakeholders? Have you been asked to provide this service? How will this funding help you address this need. Please outline how this will fit with existing initiatives, and who are your partners and how you are/ intend to collaborate with them.


Please describe the type of people you will support and explain how they are disadvantaged, and explain how they will benefit from this funding.

Please complete the box indicating how many people per year will benefit from this funding. For example, if you are providing an eight-week training course for 10 learners and you run this six times a year, the total number benefiting will be 60. Please list a minimum of three expected outcomes specifically as a result of this funding, not general outcomes for the charity. For example, x people moved into independent living, x young people have increased self-confidence, x Children were bale to improve thier swimming ability by X. The Foundation will use these outcomes to monitor what you have achieved.


This figure is for the funding required overall, not the amount being requested from the Foundation (this figure could be the same if you are only applying to the Foundation or more if you are funding it from multiple sources).


Please indicate the total amount you are requesting from the Foundation. Then provide a breakdown of costs for multiple year funding requests. Then breakdown under budget headings. Please detail the other sources from which you plan to fund the balance required for the work, how much has been secured or is still pending.


If you plan to continue this work beyond our funding period, please explain how you plan to do this and raise the necessary funds. If not, please explain why the work is timelimited.


In order for your application form to be considered for funding, the following documentation should be emailed with your application form or posted with a signed copy of your application form:

  • Copy of recent bank statement
  • Income tax letter of exemption
  • Latest audited accounts
  • Job description if applying for post(s)
  • Business Pan if applying for multiple year funding


Please complete the full details for your main contact. This is the person who will be the main contact for the application. Please complete the full details for your organisation contact. This person must be a member of the Board or Management Committee and must be an authorised signatory for the NPO and must be different from the main contact.


Please read the declaration and include signatures of two senior representatives of the organisation e.g. Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary or Chief Executive.