Apply for funding

DUE TO THE IMPACT OF THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC we will not be accepting grant applications until further notice. 


When applications do reopen, please note the following: Applicants must be a proven local charity or other not-for- profit organisation which works with local children and their families. Applicants must be able to show how funds will be used, highlighting benefits. They will have to demonstrate over what period of time that funding is required and provide justification for the amount of funding requested.


We recognise that sometimes individuals or families may need direct help and we accordingly reserve 10% of our annual distributable funds for emergency support, through recognised organisations. Applications for individual support must be able to show a clear need for and benefit from funding, whether it be for short or mid-term. They should also make it clear that they are not receiving funds from another charity. Individuals must also have been resident in the Island for at least five years.

Terms & Conditions are available here.