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No applications are being accepted at present. 

Project Outline:
Please list three important changes/outcomes that will come from this project and show how these will be measured
Terms & Conditions of this Application

Declaration - We agree to update the Foundation regularly on progress. We also understand that one of the key principles of the Bosdet Foundation is that award holders must be giving back within the local community and we will be able to actively demonstrate this, should the Bosdet Foundation require further information. We understand that if the project is stopped or an infringement of the above project takes place then the Bosdet Foundation funding will be stopped and we will not receive any further funding. Should we not adhere to any of the above the funding can be removed by the Bosdet Foundation.

Authorised Signatories - Please list any persons who may act as an authorised signatory on behalf of your application
Application Checklist
Please provide copies of the following with your application:
Organisation Constitution
Audited Accounts
Management Structure
Application Statement
The information provided in this application is, to the best of my knowledge, complete and accurate. I have read the terms and conditions under which I am filling this application.

If you have any queries, please contact Mike Graham at the Bosdet Foundation on 01534 497 002 or Please also return your application form to