Alan Le Pavoux Bosdet's Charity Manager Image

A Man with a Big Heart

After a varied career in childcare and education, sport and leisure, Alan Le Pavoux moved to Les Ormes to initially help set up our successful Swim Academy. His background in aquatics and lifeguarding was and still is, a massive benefit to the swim school.

With Alan’s experience in childcare, education and as a trustee for a local charity, Jersey Aquatic Rescue Club – and that he is one of the kindest and most genuine people you will ever meet – meant that he was the ideal candidate to develop The Bosdet Foundation to what it is today. 

'It is my job to work with organisations to understand how they work and how their projects will benefit our community. Some will have a large reach across the population, others will be more focused but will help to change individual lives to a greater extent.’ As the growth of income increases at Les Ormes, the Foundation can fund increasingly complex projects for longer periods of time and this will require careful analysis by Alan to ensure that they have the greatest impact in our community. Alan also works with the Jersey Safeguarding Board to deliver safeguarding training to charities who need volunteers. This was instigated by the lack of opportunities being posted on  for young people. ‘In order for young people to engage with our community, we need to break down the barriers. By providing safeguarding training, development of polices and providing identity verification, we will enable a whole range of charities to engage with young people safely.'

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