Music in Action, Jersey Sings - Jersey Sings

We play our part through the power of music.  Music is proven to help children develop confidence, listening skills, and improve all round wellbeing. 

 The Jersey Sings project aims to empower children to achieve new things, improve language skills, memory skills and teamwork through working together in choirs and develop wellbeing.

Music in Action applied for nearly £17,000 to help 200 children from disadvantaged backgrounds to take part in Jersey Sings to enhance their confidence and general wellbeing.  This is a year’s project ending with 3 months of singing in choirs.

 The children then perform in a huge showcase - the largest concert in Jersey each year with a total of 1380 children singing to 2163 people supported by 126 teachers and chaperones.

 The Bosdet Foundation very kindly awarded £4,143.00  This enabled Music in Action to run a smaller project which directly paid for the cost of 60 children from disadvantaged backgrounds to take part.

 The aims were to enhance their sense of wellbeing by their full participation in Jersey Sings, by families support their learning journey by receiving complimentary tickets and giving the children merchandise such as the Jersey Sings T-shirt so that they felt valued and did not feel the odd one out at the show case performance.

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