Mind Jersey - Preventing mental health problems or providing early intervention

The best chance of preventing mental health problems or providing early intervention to minimise the impact of mental illness across a lifetime, is during childhood. 

The Bosdet Foundation has helped Mind Jersey’s existing service to accommodate children and young people aged 7-18 years by helping with the establishment of Mind Jersey’s youth participation group ‘Youthful Minds’.

Youthful Minds listens to the voice of young people: Overseen by a youth participation worker, volunteers aged between 11 and 24 years advise Mind Jersey about how to reach their contemporaries most effectively. When a young person is developing and growing up, this is a crucial opportunity to provide them with the skills and support they need. It is much more difficult if they have developed a serious mental health problem.

Mind Jersey also provides drop-in support and signposting for parents/carers, with the young person present if appropriate. Early intervention is about working with children and families to help them. It is a collaborative approach to providing effective support.

Mental health problems are unfortunately common in children and young people -1 in 10 have a diagnosable mental health condition. Children who are mentally healthy are able to develop psychologically, emotionally and intellectually. By offering both targeted and universal services that support the building of resilience in children and young people Youthful Minds aims to have a positive impact on mental health in adulthood and beyond.

Alan Le Pavoux of The Bosdet Foundation said, ‘Our trustees were aware of the issue of mental health amongst young people back in 2015 and agreed to fund the youth enquiry service to help support young people to access the correct support, this now service now receives direct government funding and continues to have a massive impact on supporting young people. ‘When we were approached by Mind Jersey for support with the Youthful Minds programme, we were keen to see this area of work expanded and improved to support children and young people affected by mental health problems. We are at present supporting Youthful Minds with £116,750 over three years starting in 2017.’  

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