Jersey Employment Trust - Supporting young adults into work

The Jersey Employment Trust (JET) Transition Service carries out work with more than 60 secondary school students each academic year, targeting those who have a Record of Need prior to them leaving full-time education.

‘We gather as much information about individuals as possible in order to ensure that they have a smooth transition into our employment services.’ Said Jocelyn Butterworth of JET. ‘We help them plan a pathway and we guide and support them into future employment and/or signpost to other appropriate services.

‘It has been established that the earlier you engage with young people, the better the outcomes. We work with students (aged 14-16) who may have autism, a mental health issue, a brain injury, a learning disability, physical impairment, a neurological condition, sensory impairment, long-term conditions, or other special educational requirements. The pathway we help plan is always about the individual and can be adapted for their needs.’

The Bosdet Foundation has agreed a three-year funding programme to help these students make the move from school to work. The funding will cover the additional resources required to run two of the JET Transition Service programmes: World of Work and Level Up.

World of Work is aimed at Year 10s (14- to 15-year-olds) and offers an insight into different working environments. It starts with some fun sessions involving team building, giving trainers the opportunity to build relationships with the students. There are then work tasters in retail, hospitality, construction, gardening, office work and catering. Level Up, aimed at Year 11s (15- to 16-year-olds), is a workshop on how to get a part-time job including where to look for a job, CV workshop, interview training and a mock interview with a real employer.

Alan Le Pavoux, charity manager of The Bosdet Foundation, said, ‘Without programmes like these, some young people would fall by the wayside and therefore be more likely – after they have left school – to be doing nothing meaningful with their lives. We were able to support Jersey Employment Trust back in 2015 with some staff time and facilities and were so impressed with how these young people moved on with their lives and the impact this programme has had on their success, we knew this was a programme we had to support.

‘Every year we are oversubscribed with requests which makes the decisions on what to fund incredibly difficult, with so much need in our community that we can help to change we are determined to develop the business at Les Ormes to generate as much profit as possible, with the aim of donating a million pounds a year by 2030.’

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