Our Purpose

Our purpose is to support the people of Jersey through grants and other help to recognised local charities.

From 2016 we will be focusing on children from ante-natal to 18 years old.

  - Education
  - Social 
  - Health

We do not support:-

  1. Student Grants
  2. Animal charities
  3. Off Island causes
  4. Religious causes.

Bosdet recognises that the Jersey charity scene is full of wonderful people making a difference but that in many areas there are overlaps and gaps in provision. In making grants Bosdet is looking for sustained generational outcomes for our children. Charities that are working with other charities in a joined up manner, that have clear measurable objectives, that are well run with good administration and governance; are most likely to be awarded grants.

Bosdet seeks to work closely with other funders and government on the Island as part of an improved third sector to acheive the best outcomes for our children. 

Bosdet recognises the need for sustained programmes to make generational improvements for our children and will work closely with deliverable charities and government to this end.