Reaching Out to Help - Using our Staff to help others

Bosdet is using its staffing structure to help others.

Swimming instructor support has been given both at the Jersey Marine Lake but also within schools swimming lessons helping children who may need extra support for a variety of reasons.

A group of instructors from the First Jersey Sea Scouts and Pathways have passed the Royal Lifesaving Societies, National Water Safety Management Program at level three. This will enable them to assess the risk of water based activity and carry them out safely.

Over the Easter holidays we ran a Pool Lifeguard Course which was accessed by members of JSC, Tigers SC, JARC. This course was heavily subsidised to help support the work of these organisations in teaching swimming and encouraging a healthy lifestyle.

So far we have invested the equivalent of £13,437.00 in staff time.

Over time further support will be seen supporting charities, generally assisting them to be as effective as they can be.

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