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Where great business is founded upon great principles, it is possible to do good while doing well – where enterprise and investment are powerful forces for good.

What is the Bosdet Foundation?

The Bosdet Foundation, a charitable trust, was set up by the late George Bisson in 1989 in memory of his mother whose maiden name was Bosdet. George transferred the Les Quennevais Campsite and surrounding properties that he owned, now called Les Ormes, into the Bosdet Foundation with the principal aim that income made on this land is to be invested back into the community, to help the people of Jersey.

Les Ormes and the foundation's trustees have abided to this principle and as Les Ormes evolves, so does the amount of money distributed to various local charities and non-profit organisations.

Mike Graham, general manager of The Bosdet Foundation and managing director of Les Ormes, said: 'Our overall mission is to generate long-term sustainable income for the benefit of our owners, the Bosdet Foundation.'

The activity facilities are an important factor too as Mr. Bisson wanted everyone to have access to leisure amenities. The Foundation takes this, along with everything else they do, very seriously and constantly works on developing the facilities for the community at Les Ormes.

What happens to the Bosdet Foundation funds? How do they help the Island?

Essentially the profits from all the business concerns and facilities at Les Ormes, have seen the help that the Bosdet Foundation give to the community steadily grow – without any reliance on the Jersey government, legacies or donations. Since 1989, the Foundation has quietly donated to the community, and in 2008, when the self-catering accommodation was introduced at Les Ormes, the annual amount donated significantly improved. In 2017, over £300, 000 has funded 21 charities.